Let’s try this for a change

You know, Just to liven things up

So I started a blog. And, as I’ve been told, your usual first step after this is to write to your handful of readers (mostly family. So thanks for sharing this on Facebook mom!) about precisely what it is you plan to spew over the already muggy canvas that is the internet.

I’m not a very clever man (contextually) and neither am I an exceptional writer (also, content-ually). But surely I can learn to master the art of observation? I mean, I see things. With my eyes. Which basically places me halfway there. I is smart. I is kind. I is important.

To cover some of the topics for this blog briefly (and I wont mind if you slowly start moving the mouse to the next tab) I’ll be covering economics, pop-culture, urban planning, African political analysis, tech development and trends, generally anything I have to say about business, architecture and design, cinema and entertainment associated topics, and maybe sports if I’m feeling especially spicy that day.

I will try and tackle these topics as objectively and critically as I can. And when I don’t, I welcome criticism of my ideas or views on things. It’s the Internet. Humanity’s virtual playground for the mind, and like every playground, its mostly tense arguments over superheroes and a lot of sexual discovery (like, a lot!).

So finally, Welcome to my madhouse of critical thought.

P.S Who uses mice anymore?!


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