Quickie: My Top 10 Superhero Movies

We are already halfway through 2016 and already we have seen 3 major superhero movies from the brands that are DC and Marvel. As we all look forward to more from the two comic book companies that are really just movie studios now, I thought it would be good to take a look back at some of my favorites. So here we go:

Number 1: Watchmen


This choice might be a bit controversial for many but I genuinely love this movie. Super hero movies are often criticized for not staying true to the comics and that’s partially why Watchmen is so awesome. As a film Watchmen remains one the few comic book adaptations that still maintains the exuberance, imagery, and feel of its source material, and Zack Snyder’s flawless portrayal of the scenery is truly worth its fair bit of applause.

The casting makes it seem as if each character has been drawn straight form the graphic novel, with Jackie Early Haley’s portrayal of Rorschach being a personal highlight. Sure enough, it’s not the best written movie and leaves a fair bit out from the graphic novels (as all movies do, superhero or not) but it still remains a story that pulls you in….. And the prison scene! C’mon!!

Number 2: The Dark Knight


Ok this had to be here eventually. I’m even questioning writing about this movie cause there’s so much out there about it as it is.

Look, it’s a great movie. Heath Ledger’s joker is insane, the story is good, Michael Caine is in it. I really don’t have to tell you why this movie is awesome, you’ve probably already seen it a bunch of times. And if you haven’t…….Really? ……..I’m just saying its pretty popular.

Number 3: Unbreakable


Ok so this one’s probably the least known on the list. Hailing from an era where M. Night Shymalan movies were good, this movie is the directors follow up to The Sixth Sense and he has made reference to it as his best movie. Even Quentin Tarantino loves this movie, praising it as the story of Superman “if he didn’t know he was Superman”.

This film stands above most of its contemporary’s for its toned down approach to an origin story, as a normal man rises to become what he was always supposed to be. Bruce Willis’ acting in this catches you off guard, with a subtle, more nuanced, portrayal of his character that you rarely see from the actor in any of his other films. The rest of the cast is great, and Samuel L. Jackson brings Mr. Glass to life.


Number 4: Captain America: The Winter Soldier


You have to love a movie that surprise you. Going into the second stand alone movie, Captain America was known as “nobody’s favourite” in the Avengers. And yet, almost out of no where, the Russo Brothers direct an action packed experience that is fun whether or not you think the way he throws his shield is funny (and dangerous. I mean, have you seen how hard that thing hits bad guys?!)

Number 5:Batman Begins

maxresdefault (1)

Another Batman movie?! Shock and Horror!

Look, its freaking Batman alright?! Can we get this clear? The man fights bad guys in a bat suit! A bat suit! And he’s stinking rich! He could be off somewhere, improving the lives of Gotham citizens through the power of philanthropy and government lobbying. But instead, he punches guys in a freaking bat suit!

And the best part of this movie is that during its entire run time, none of these thoughts occur.

Number 6: Deadpool

Call me a fanboy all you like, but the primary goal of a superhero movie is to entertain, and Deadpool delivers in shovels. Filled with enough cursing, blood, and questionable life decisions to satisfy your inner teenager, Ryan Reynolds and the minds behind Deadpool rip the character straight outta the comics

The first major succesful R-rated film by either of the two big comic brands, Deadpool has opened a door for more to follow and experiment with the edginess of comics. That is, until they do it too much and it all looks the same.

If only we could get rid of the Deadpool fans…

Number 7: Hellboy 2: The Golden Army


Ok, so this one might be an odd choice for some of you, but Guillermo  Del Toro’s depiction of the underworld of Hellboy is worthy of applause. Everything in both this film and its predecessor looks surrealist and yet very real, and as someone who was not aware of the comics before this movie, it served as a neat introduction to the fandom.


Unfortunately, it is highly likely that this series will never get the third treatment it so much deserves. And we’ll never get to see Ron Perlman be the badass the world needs.


Number 8: Spiderman 2

maxresdefault (2)

I watched this movie when I was really young, so to ensure it held up to the passage of time I took the opportunity to re-watch it. Sure enough, I was not surprised to find that it wasn’t as awesome as I had remembered it to be, but its still one of the best examples of a good superhero movie out there. In fact one of my favorite scenes in comic book adaptation is the train scene in this one.

And as a sequel that is objectively better than its original, Spiderman 2 has good company in The Dark Knight. And that’s gotta count for something right? No? Oh…well no one asked for your opinion anyway.

Number 9: Iron Man


I know that Hanz Zimmer did the soundtrack to Dark Knight, and that its really iconic and reflective of the separate themes in the film. But is it as epic as AC/DC’s Back In Black?! Probably. But that’s not the point!

This movie became the cornerstone of Marvel’s success, and for good reason. As origin stories go, this movie does a masterful job of introducing a character that wasn’t all that known outside of comics. Robert Downey Jr. doesn’t even need to act in this movie, cause the entire time you’re watching you can’t help but feel that Marvel inseminated the character into his subconscious at birth. Oh, and things go boom….alot! So you know…superhero stuff.

Number 10: Kick-Ass

I was wondering whether or not to include this one, you know, because no one in this movie is actually a superhero. But neither is Batman and we all seem to be ok with that, so……



I am genuinely surprised that it took us this long to get to a movie with Nicolas Cage in it.

This movie is the adaptation of an Icon comic of the same name and tells the story of a very ordinary person doing the superhero antics that we love, in a very real world. And although that person can’t stop a speeding bullet, or leap a building in a single bound, they have their fists and the will to make their city better. And sure enough, they get hurt and it often seems like the crime in the city is too much for one man. But even though this man isn’t the hero the city wants, he kinda becomes the hero the city….wait a minute…..this is the synopsis for the Dark Knight!

Who put this in here!… I said I wasn’t going to talk about the Dark Knight!.. We’re doing Kick-Ass now! Kick-Ass.


Ah screw it, go watch the movie in your own time.





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